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What is JUStudyAtEase?


JUStudyAtEase is offered to all admitted students at Jacobs University

Brain Capital guarantees funding up to the amount listed under JUStudyAtEase in your financing package. You can accept the full offer, a smaller amount, or no JUStudyAtEase funding at all. It's your choice

If you accept a JUStudyAtEase offer, you'll pay an individually predetermined percentage of your income back after you graduate, begin your career, and earn a pretermined minimum income.

How does it work?

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Your Advantages

# Freedom

During your studies and your career. You make your own decisions.

# Individuality

The JUStudyAtEase offer and the repayment conditions are individually determined

# Protection

You pay only once you graduate and earn the predetermined minimum income

# Fairness

Your payments depend on your income. There is no fixed amount to repay. It is not a loan.

# Independence

The JUStudyAtEase offer is independent of your family situation. No co-signer and no other guarantess are needed

# Solidarity

Your repayments are used to fund a new generation of Jacobs University students

Brain Capital – from students for students

The basis for JUStudyAtEase is the"Generation Contract", an innovative tuition financing model by BrainCapital. It was created at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in 2005 by a student initiative. Faithful to the motto "from students for students", the contract enjoys great popularity. Since 2018, the Generation Contract and JUStudyAtEase have been available for Jacobs University students as well.

We are convinced that an investment in a student pays off. What counts for us is the individual's motivation and personality. Everyone should have the opportunity to study, irrespective of their financial situation.

Our goal is to offer every qualified applicant the opportunity of studying at Jacobs University.

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